Thursday, February 9, 2012

cinematic space project summary

although it is a viable approach to literally construct a space in which to shoot, i am not interested in building a scene in which to point a lens. My aim is to create a cinematic space as one directs a gaze: an intent look upon a thing. the lens always acts as an eye, and i am more than happy to allow the cinematic space to be that thing which is at its focus. i will shoot less than one minute of video, accompanied by the sound of slurping, gargling drain noise. i will be under water, in a pool. there will be several seconds of just the ambient blue water (or whatever color the pool happens to be painted) and the noise. then, there will be hair. i want the hair to appear as though it is being sucked downward. this will be followed by a head, and then the body of a peron, as they descend into the water, and then below the vision frame of the camera, until they disappear. for a few seconds, the slurping will continue, until the empty vacuum roar, which we will recognize as the sound produced by an empty drain.

if i'm able, i would like to make it appear as though the water is draining after the subject. so, i'd have to make the water level fall and film some air. i'll see what i can do in editing. but, if not, my above idea will work well enough. my boyfriend has kindly volunteered to be my model, and he has shoulder-length blonde hair, which may be long enough without extensions.

i drew inspiration from a short movie called breath, by samuel beckett (

i also found a wealth of underwater photography, which is quite beautiful

i am also interested in the femenist vibe i'm channeling through the use of water, and especially with the image of a male figure being immursed and then passed through it. it's a visual interpretation of birth, supplemented with disgusting noises rather than blood and baby screaming. i suppose this means that my boyfriend will have to be naked, although i haven't told him.
tl;dr: underwater video of sinking person. drain suckage noises.

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