Wednesday, October 19, 2011

about how tom completely approves of my talent and technique

during our peer critique, tom had only positive things to say about my tiny refridgerator. i'm not sure whether this was due to a lack of experience, a desire to preserve my self-esteem, or both. probably it was because my project is legitimately great and tom, like so many others, excitedly told me so.

some of my congratulations included:
1. "i liked the humor in it. it goes with the drawing style."
when i asked him to clarify, he said that he liked the cartoony quality about it.

and then he mentioned some areas where our creative differences made themselves evident. but, anyway, i did not get even a little butthurt. i had a couple reasons for making the choices i did, and they were simple enough to explain. for example:

tom: i think the chain looks pretty, but if i made it, i would have made it dirtier and more forboding looking. because a chain is something that discourages people from going someplace or looking at something and this is just kind of nice.

me: i agree with you. but when i made this little fridge, i filled it with tasty snacks and a little doodle of myself. this isn't a terrible place. it's a little paradise that i live in.

tom: in light of this new information i feel it is absolutely necessary that i retract my former criticism.

it was pointed out that the craftmanship of my fridge could have been better. there was a visible seam where the two pieces of paper joined. and the box probably could have looked more like a fridge if it had fridgely landmarks, like door handles. i guess that's right or whatever.

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