Sunday, September 18, 2011

Response to 9/13 Lecture

I was interested in Gabriel Orozco's work in particular. Although I'm pretty ignorant of sculpture, I thought that he used the medium really well to create visual icons, the way one might draw something in the center of a piece of paper--something that stands out starkly against a background. He used usual items to produce unusual outcomes, and he use the ordinary to create the whimsical. I thought the two-headed bike was pretty neat.

That technique is something I'd like to incorperate into my process as an artist.

Orozco collected ordinary images that he'd see every day. He's catalogue them, and then begin to distort the way people percieved these things by portraying them differently. He built a collection of work that is itself a collection of compounded images that he took care to remember. He described himself as a very attentive person, and something of a collector.

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